General Conditions Seasonal 2

Reservations start from the 15th of September till the 15th of May and they are in limited number.
The price is for the whole period of the camping's opening of the next season.
The Tourist Tax is not included in our price-list and it will be paid at your departure.
At the moment the Municipality of Scarlino does not communicate the ammount of the daily tax p.p./day for the next season.
We'll publish the new Tourist Tax ammount on our home page as soon as it is official.


1st Down Payment

20% to be paid at the subscription of the contract of the total amount of the stay, through: credit card (Visa, MasterCard); Bank Transfer; Paypal

2nd Down Payment

According to the subsciption of the contract by: credit card (Visa, MasterCard); Bank Transfer; Paypal



According to the subsciption of the contract by: credit card (Visa, MasterCard); Bank Transfer; Paypal

The price includes

For each contract is included persons (2/3/4...), 1 equipment; 1 electricity connection of a maximum 3A. and 1 parking car

The price doesn't include

Pets always allowed.
Our 4-footed friends are allowed to access to the free beach in front of the campsite (Official Regional Bulletin of Tuscany Nr. 41 of 26 October 2009, line IV, art.19 paragraph 1) and are allowed to have a bath in the sea in a limited area right in front of our campsite. Leash is compulsory.
In order that the public administration continues to offer the possibility for our 4-footed friends to access to the beach and the sea, we kindly invite you to pick up their business and to use always the leash!. Leashing is compulsory.
Baia dei Gabbiani's sanctions from EUR 10.00 to EUR 25.00 for those who don't reserve this rule and for those who don't pick up their dog's "business" inside the camping from the ground, also in the "dedicated gardens".

Free Services

It is compulsory to wear around the wrist and per person one Pass, in other words a bracelet supplied during the CHECK-IN and should be worn for the whole duration of the stay

Mandatory basic cautionary deposit