General Conditions Bungalows

Possible requests that are differing from the days indicated, will be valued by the Management according to the availability


From 4.00 pm until 7.30 pm


From 8.00 am until 10 am

The price includes

Stay from 4 NIGHTS onwards - Seasons A / B / C / D / E
VAT, sojourn of the persons, rental of the mobile homes, parking 1 car or 2 motor bikes, one supply at the moment of the check-in of bed linen only for staying of minimum 7 nights, ordinary final cleaning only if the bungalow is returned clean, consumption of cold/hot water, electricity and gas

Stay from 1 to 3 NIGHTS - Seasons A / B / C / D / E
VAT, sojourn of the persons, rental of the mobile homes, parking 1 car or 2 motor bikes, ordinary final cleaning only if the bungalow is returned clean, consumption of cold/hot water, electricity and gas

The price doesn't include

All optional extras and anything not expressly mentioned under "the Price includes"

Scarlino's Municipality Tourist Tax.
The Tourist Tax must be paid at each check-out / departure during the months in which the tax will be in effect.
It is mandatory to pay it at each check-out at the Management and during the scheduled opening hours of the cash desk; otherwise, the Management will proceed with the check-out anyway, declining any and all responsibility towards the Municipal Administration which will issue the penalties provided directly to the client.

Free Services

Air condition, TV.
Bags for dog manure removal

Mandatory basic cautionary deposit

STAYS from 7 NIGHTS onwards: Euro 150.00 to be deposited in cash at check-in

STAYS from 1 to 6 NIGHTS: Euro 100.00 to be deposited in cash at check-in

Mandatory extra cautionary deposit

Euro   50.00 for each dog to be deposited at the CHECK IN in cash form;
Euro 100,00 for each cat (maximum of 2 cats) to be deposited at the CHECK IN in cash form

1st Down Payment

30% of the total amount of the stay, through:
Credit card (Visa, MasterCard);
Bank Transfer;

In case that the Nominee makes a written cancellation through mail to the Management of the Campsite until 20 days before the provided arrival, the deposited amount deducted of 20% (twenty per cent), kept for administration burdens and expenses, will be paid back. After this term, the Nominee will loose the entire deposit.
(look at point 8 of the Bungalow Booking Contract Conditions)


The balance should be paid through:
Credit card (Visa, MasterCard) on the CHECK-IN;
Bank Transfer, minimum 7 working days before arrival
Cash, as required by italian low, on the CHECK-IN.

Extraordinary final cleanings

Extra midweek cleaning Euro 25.50 (half an hour)

Extra cleaning requested the day of check-out Euro 40.00 (1 hour)

Compulsory cleaning in case of you leave the bungalow not cleaned at the check-out Euro 60.00

Minors stay

The stay of underages without a parent or someone in their stead, is NEVER allowed.
If this results from the data entered in the compilation of the Contract, verified even only at the time of check-in, the Contract will be VOID with total loss of the deposit and obligation to pay the balance; it will be forbidden to the underages components to check-in and enter the Camping/Bungalow.


Small/Medium up to 25 Kg
Big/Giant size from 26 Kg onwards.
Cat (maximum 2 cats) allowed in a single Bungalow (no first row).

Pets always allowed in all areas of the Campsite, including bar and restaurant as long as clean and dry and obviously on the leash. They do not have access in the common toilets.

Our 4-footed friends are allowed to access the open beach, it is not a beach resort, in front of the campsite  and are allowed to have a bath in the sea in a limited area right in front of our Campsite. Leash is compulsory.
In order that the Public Administration continues to offer the possibility for our 4-footed friends to access to the open beach and the sea, we kindly invite you to use always the leash!. Leashing is compulsory.
Baia dei Gabbiani's sanctions from EUR 10.00 to EUR 25.00 those who don't observe this rule and for those who don't pick up their dog's "business" inside the Campside from the ground, also in the "dedicated gardens".


It is compulsory to wear around the wrist and per person one Pass, in other words a bracelet supplied during the CHECK-IN and should be worn for the whole duration of the stay. The Campsite Management shall expel those peaple who are not wearing the Pass.


Visitors will have to deposit in the Head Office their identity document and pay the required ammount for the stay on the Campsite if this will be more than two hour.

Beach Umbrellas

The placement and the removal of umbrellas and sunbeds on/from the OPEN BEACH in front of the Campside must be done directly by the customer; any exceptions may be requested from the Management in the case of people with disabilities at the check-in.
If the Clients does not use, also completely, the booked service because of reasons that are not depending on the Management's will, there won't be any reimbursement.