Brevetti sw – forza ragazzi!!

Non faccio commenti per scaramanzia, ma guardate cosa ho trovato scritto stanotte su importanti siti di informazione sul voto di domani…
Leggete perchè chi scrive non è il “solito” (per quanto apprezzabile) Slashdot, ma sono grossi calibri come Reuters, Financial times, Businessweek, Forbes…

Patenting bill on brink of failure – EP sources [Euronews]
“A controversial EU bill to patent software-related innovations stands to fail. Large technology companies say changes sought by the European Parliament, to restrict patenting, would invite others to use their ideas freely.”

EU assembly to throw out patent bill [Reuters]
“The European Parliament will vote to kill an EU bill to patent software-related innovations, party officials said on Tuesday, shrugging off a warning from the European Commission that it would not submit fresh legislation.”

EU parliament set to drop software directive [Financial times]
“The European parliament is on Wednesday expected to strike down plans for a controversial new patent regime for the software industry, a move that would draw a line under one of the most bitterly fought legislative projects in recent European Union history.”

EU Parliament moves closer to law rejection [Businessweek]
“The European Parliament moved Tuesday toward rejecting a proposed law creating a single way of patenting software across the European Union, officials said — a move that would effectively kill the legislation since lawmakers do not plan to set forth a new version.”

EU Software Patent Last-Minute News [Groklaw]
“I have just gotten a report on the debate over the EU software patent directive. ‘In a dramtic debate today, it became clear that there could be a majority for *complete rejection* of the directive.'”

EU software patent law said in danger []
“Legislation that would create a uniform software patenting system across the European Union looked to be in trouble Tuesday, with many EU lawmakers objecting that it would limit innovation, especially by small businesses.”

EU parliament poised to scrap software patent bill [Forbes]
“European Union lawmakers are poised to shoot down a controversial bill on software patents in a crucial vote after four years of haggling and fierce lobbying by small and big technology companies.”

Vendors warn Euro patents bill won’t add up [The register]
“Corporate support for the European Directive on Software patents is fading fast ahead of the parliamentary vote tomorrow, with big technology companies saying no directive would be better than one muddled by too many amendments.”

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